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1. How did you come to join the Cape Shore Chorale?

I learned of Cape Shore and Scott Breiner singing with other local musical groups. I like the majority of the music that was being featured and joined the Cape Shore Chorale.


2. What is the best part of being a member of the chorale?

Comparing Cape Shore with other groups with whom I have sing, the camaraderie of the group is unique. We sing together, and we have found like minded people who enjoy learning new music and performing them for the local community.


3. What makes you continue to sing with the chorale?

It is the director, Scott Breiner, who allows every member to present their talents in the concerts we have presented. If you are rehearsed and know your music there is always a place in one performance of another to present selections concurrent within the theme of the concert being given. Scott brings the talents of as many members as possible to show the best of their talents. He is always willing to assist members individually to achieve their best. My talents have grown exponentially with the help of Scott and thus has my musical confidence.


4. Any memories you would like to share?

It is the concerts which are the impetus that brings the members together, but it is the shared dinners after the concerts which truly binds the singers into the group that is special. There are outside events such as Scott's annual "Surprise Birthday Party", and the special themed fundraisers where all hands on deck is the norm of the day that makes the work fun.


5. Your background if you would like to share...

I have performed in many of the major choral works with various groups including the Mastersingers in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania and locally with the Stockton Chorale. I have performed works of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Brahms and the more modern composers like Orff and Brittan. Theatrically, I have performed many of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas with both The Savoy Company and also with the Gilbert and Sullivan Players, both in Philadelphia. Also, I have performed in the Papp version of the Pirates of Penzance locally with the Margate Little Theatre. Sunday mornings I can be heard in the choir at Grace Lutheran Church, Somers Point, New Jersey.

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