Meet the Chorale

Paula Dollarhide


1. How did you come to join the Cape Shore Chorale?

I attended a wonderful concert by the chorale when they performed Bach. I was sold! I wanted to be a part of this great group.


2. What is the best part of being a member of the chorale?

I like meeting other musicians who care about singing, performing and sharing their friendships.


3. What makes you continue to sing with the chorale?

I learn so much from Scott Breiner, our director. He makes us strive for perfection!


4. Any memories you would like to share?

I enjoy accompanying on occasion. I always love our themed programs!


5. Your background if you would like to share...

I have a bachelor and master’s degree in music, specifically organ and music education from Oklahoma University. I work at Stockton University as an academic advisor.

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